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Old News! (Pretty exciting eh? ~_~)

  • Ahhh...I belive I've had my lazy month of the year. No more excuses!!! Must work on website! Today, I have updated "The Infinite War Within." This chapter in the world is done and over. Sometime soon I will convert those posts in to a flowing story! A new one has started, go and join in! I have some music to add, that will be next! I have many things in my mind to put to this website; many many things...mmm... What you can do is e-mail me, encouraging me! :D. Oh, one other thing,

    I love you Tenshi Rinoa!!! 8)

    Yeah, I'm taken now, sorry girl fans ;)
  • There! I did a much needed update to the add-a-story, which is now called "The Infinite War Within'". I believe this is a more suiting title for the story that is being developed. Well you people, do some recording of instrument playing or singing so I can have some more music updates! We all want that don't we? 8)
  • Another music update? Is he out of his mind?!...possibly, if I keep this up O_o. I also created a page of older news to archive news on this page.
  • Oh, one other thing. does not work anymore. If you're linked to my website on yours, please update them. Thanks! ^_^
  • Well lookey here! A music update? Is he out of his mind? Well, no not really. It's not much. It's a song for my instrumental section (even though this piece is vocal). Maybe sometime I'll think of a better title. Maybe this update will spark more updates? Who knows :P Enjoy this one anyway, I also added a few links. Enjoy 8)
  • Oh! And I noticed as of 10:36pm CST: 49,671 hits! Wow. I'm nearing the 1/2 of 100 grand mark. Please, it would be cool if you are the 50,000 visitor, let me know, send me a pic of the screen, and I'll mention ya in my next update! (I'd give something else, but my mind's blank >_<) That would be cool, thanks!
  • Wellll. Late happy new year :P. Nothing too much new, just mainly to say I'm still alive. I see the Addastory is going pretty well, soon I take the current entries and put it into the archive, it's starting to get long. But also I have a link to some cool pictures Beau Goodwin made for the story! Cool pics! ~_^
  • more final left...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...I just want ta say that yes I have been neglecting this a little ~_~. College is tough, especially with marching band *phew*. I DO plan to do some stuff this winter break. Of the things I plan to do: add to the add-a-story, create other pages relating to the story, add some music, and maybe anything else I have up my sleve. You people can help! If you have music recorded of you playing an instrument to a favorite RPG tune, or if not, record some and send them to me! Alrighty, time to prepare for the last final that's tomorrow...
  • Great news! Add-a-story is back up and running! I had a little error in it, but it is now fixed and improved! The small limitation to the size of entry has now 4 fold of what it was before. All previous entries are now in a separate file with a summary of what has happend in it. If you wish to contribute (I hope you do), you should read the other entries or at least read the summary (if you're so lazy >:P). Let's get this story going again! It is going really well so far! ^_^...oh and let me know how the summary is. I wrote it in a little bit of a hurry to get this up again, thanks :)
  • The end of the fall semester isn't too far away. I hope next semester will be easier, my load shouldn't be as heavy as it has in the past semesters. Hopefully I can get to paying more attention here ~_^.
  • Just three things I want to re-talk about. One is something that is very important. If you link to my website, have my website bookmarked, or know of a website that is linked to my website that still has the address of, PLEASE HAVE IT CHANGED TO!! will stop working come sometime in october! Thanks!!
  • The other thing I wanted to mention is the Add-a-Story!. I can see that a couple people are adding to it now. Thanks Beau, Belgerath, and Sephiroth-666!! As it becomes longer, I will eventually archive parts, and generalize parts if people don't want to read through the whole thing. Let's get this story flowing!
  • And lastly, I'll just blurb once again about contributing music. I envision that someday, this will become the largest section in my website, shunning midis. I know there are people out there like you who tend to play a little melody of say "Theme of Love" (FF4). Or whistle Ness's theme (Mother 2) from Earthbound. Send, send, send!! 8)
  • Fall is just difficult to update in with 17 credits with one of them being marching band...nuff said...Just a little update here. I updated the links page (added a few links) and the table of contents as you can see to your left have been re-arranged, in a semi-now-organized look ^_^.
  • This is also mentioned in the "NEW Music!" section. But it's important enough to be mentioned here. There is a new song in the Instrumental section! This is exactly what I'm looking for. But it doesn't necessarily need to be good. The point of this section is for people to show their love for RPG music. So if you can play a RPG tune, record it and send it! File size isn't an issue either. It can be of you whistling a melody of your favorite RPG tune, to a symphony playing a song. Be creative! I prefer .mp3 format (it's smaller). But I will take wavs too. Send me your music!
  • Grrr...I've been wanting to do this update for a long time. Too many put offs...ah well. Well college has started again. I will try my best to update. I will (I hope) to do better than last fall o_O.
  • And lastly, there is one more new thing! As you can see at the left hand of the screen, There is a new page: "Add-a-Story". This is actually a "psuedo-sequal" my friend Beau created years ago. I have been reminiscing about it lately, so I decided to use Simplenet (Yahoo!Website Services) guestbook templete to create one. It's a story where you add to it. If you are curious of what it used to be here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the original Add-a-Story. If you go to Add-a-Story, it will list a few simple guildlines. Please follow them. Thanks! ^_^ Add-a-Story!.
  • Woops! I was working on my website offline and I made a change to it which I at the time, couldn't figure out how to reverse it. So I thought I downloaded from the uploaded site, but the reverse was true! I just found that out today, so sorry about that 8).
  • I also changed a few things on this index page, made it look even more cleaner. I put the linkexchange on the links page (I don't get that much from it anyway but I didn't want to rid of it totaly). And I also put the counter on the left, with the table of contents.
  • Very soon, I will work on a music update. I would like to do as much as I can before college starts again. For those of you who come frequently (more than once), you remember I didn't get to update very much with my busy schedual...
  • is the all new look to the news section! It took a lot of messing with to make it look the way I had it pictured in my mind. I converted all the news entries, as you can see. For those who still have them, this should be 800x600 friendly 8). For those of you who have that resolution, you probably have a horizontal scroll bar, don't you? That is because of the logo at the top. I will fix that sometime soon.
  • I changed a few minor things. For example, in the Wild Arms section, I corrected a lot of music titles.
  • If you haven't noticed yet I have updated something else that needed it so badly that I haven't even touched it for years. ...Yes! It was my midi boombox, which is now called "RPG Music Jukebox" (it makes more sense). I changed the way I organize my files (I changed a lot of file names), and I even added a few midis. It is now easier to add new music. I hope you're using it, I've put some effort into it ~_~.
  • I've updated the RPG Music WebRing home page like I said I would. The whole process should be a little easier now. I may still do some tinkering here and there, but it should be working normally. Let me know if you notice anything that's wrong, thanks.
  • Soon I'll be working on an update with new music, and also I'm looking to make this news section a little better and more tidy looking. I have an idea, and I hope to show it in my next update ^_^.
  • Changed the code for the RPGmusic webring. Soon I'll change a few things on the webring page.
  • Created a better graphic for the New Music page. Looks better, I like it!
  • I'm glad I separated the new music with other news. It's a little easier to update, especially if I don't have any music ready to upload and there are other things that I do the site.
  • So what do you think of the new look with the new domain name? Like? Let me know, I'm curious what people think with the dash in it. I wanted but it was taken, and this was as close as I got it.
Big news! New website address!!! I have long awaited the day to get my own domain name. For the record, I have actually have had this domain registered since 6/28/2000, but I decided to wait a couple days to let it sink in before I said it here. Update your bookmarks/links. Unless I change what my website is about (which I doubt), this should be the last move (in a perfect world). The old website address: will remain active (and as a mirror) for 6 months.
  • Oh, Happy 4th of July!. If you live in the US, go out and watch some fireworks in your local town tonight! ^_^
  • I created my own missing-file response page (error-404). Quite exciting I must tell you, heheh. Just type in anything to see what it looks like if you're bored.
  • You know that new look I was talking talking about doing? Well, here it is!. I have totaly gotten rid of frames, which I know will make some people happy. For the table on the left you see the background is what used to be here in the main frame. All the new graphics you see I created just a little while ago. I like the new look, don't you? It definately needed a new look. Click on the "New Music" to the left to see the new music added. I added some Final Fantasy IV digital music and midis from the Lunar series.
  • This is certainly a huge update. It took me over a week to get it to the way I want it to look. I changed the background and text color on several pages, used my music background for several pages, hope you like it. I may create some more graphics in the near future. I touched up a little on the music pages. I also have a couple new ideas for the future.
  • Updated pages: RPG Music Ring! | My Profile | Linking
  • One newly created page: The Website History. This used to be a part of my profile, but when I started to re-write it, it got to be really long, so I created a separate page for it. It contains details of how my website has grew and evolved; also includes pictures of what my website used to look like. The thumbnails shouldn't be too big, even for people for 800x600 screens, which I still try to accompany as well as I can.
  • Well, I'll stop blabberin' and so now take a look around!
My surgery is over...I'm slowly recovering. I'm still numb. I can't start chewing for another 2 weeks...aah. I'll survive. I created another new page: contribute!. It talks about how you can help this website by contributing music! I'm in the process of experimenting with graphics. I hope to create some for here soon. Two main things I want to do with this website in the near future: go to a domain name, and get rid of frames. I need to create graphics so the look I want will look good. Click on NEW Music to see the new music added today. I believe some Sega fans will be happy ^_^.
As you can see, I've changed a couple things on the main page. This is a semi-new look. This summer I'm going to try to give this whole website a new look. Recently I have been fiddling with different ideas. If you have any suggestions/ideas/examples/html tips, it would be whole heartedly appreciated. I have been so busy with college this past year, I haven't learned anything new HTML wise in a long time. So you could say I'm behind the times. Any help would be great, thanks!

What if I made this place the place where all the new files are announced? It would make it it more visable. Would it be better with a solid color or a pattern background? Let me know! ^_^

Oh, it's a good thing I got this update in. I'm in for surgury 5/30 for my jaw. Not sure how long I'll be out of it, but I hope not too long! ~_^ Wish me luck :)