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New Music!


  1. Yay, a music update! Did I make you faint? :D I hope I will get myself to add more soon!
  2. This piece is a really nice one. It's done by Leland McKenzie and Serena. They sing to an arrangement of Forever Rachel of FFVI. Very nice singing, check it out! :)
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Final Fantasy VI 1


  1. My first music update in *looks below* 4 months! Almost a year before that o_O.
  2. But! This is a great piece that I've uploaded! It's Time's Scar from Chrono Cross. Arranged by Aaron Ackerson, played by small musical group. After listening to a few times, it sounds great! You have to check it out. Awesome job Aaron 8)
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Chrono Cross 1


  1. Just one piece to add, and it's a midi! How long has it been now since I've uploaded midis? Tooooo long. Anyway, this is a piece by Mandy Roberts. She created it for Vagrant Story. A soundtrack that I've heard is very good. I've only played the game a little bit...but even from the midi it sounds pretty good! :) Good job Mandy :)
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Vagrant Story 1


  1. 4 piano songs by Yuna, which are very good! Plus yet another vocal song by Lynzie. There might be some clairinet or marimba songs if a certain some would get off their butt *hint hint* >:D
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Final Fantasy VI 2
Final Fantasy VII 1
Final Fantasy VIII 1
Legend of Mana 1


  1. Another vocal song by Lynzie. This one is "Melodies of Life" from FFIX
Instrumental Music Archives

Final Fantasy IX 1


  1. Great! A new song to add to my instrumental section. This is infact a vocal piece, but until I figure out a better fitting name, It'll be there ~_^. Thanks for the song Lynzie!
Instrumental Music Archives

Final Fantasy VIII 1


  1. Oooo! A instrumental song not by me! It's really good too!
Instrumental Music Archives

Final Fantasy VI (III) 1


  1. Here it is! Even with the new look, I added lots of music!
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Lunar: Eternal Blue NEW! 21
Lunar: Silver Star NEW! 13
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete NEW! 27

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Final Fantasy IV (II) NEW! 16 24 6


  1. Nothing to really say...all news is on the main page
  2. I will say I created a new page, Contribute!. It talks about how you can contribute to this website!
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Phantasy Star NEW! 8
Phantasy Star 2 NEW! 21
Phantasy Star 3 NEW! 20
Phantasy Star 4 NEW! 36
Legend of Zelda 4: Link's Awakening NEW! 36


  1. 'Bout time eh? I really went for a long time without an update. Spring semester was tough. But thankfully it is over...ahh...I am at peace...for now anyway ~_^
  2. As you saw on the main page, I've done a little re-arranging on it. I started a "NEWS" box which I might make for the full place to where the "whats new" goes. Let me know what you think. And also as you can see I'm slowly (trying) to give this website a new look, any suggestions excepted!
  3. Gave my Links page a major update. It still has the general format but I took out some old broken links, switched a couple, and put a good number of new links. Take a look if you'd like!
  4. Created a new section, "Instrumental Music", played by me. Below you'll see what songs I added, they are in mp3 format. You are totaly welcome to use them...just ask me first and if you put it somewhere, be sure to say who played it ^_^ thanks much!
  5. I hope to do greater things in the future, so keep an eye on me!
  6. The new midis are from once again Adam Goode, great job!
  7. Oh, and one more thing. The instrumental section doesn't have to be just my work. If you can play songs on your instrument and can record them, I'd love to have them! I think it's cool that people play songs they like on their instrument, we can make this section large!
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Other RPGs
Paladin's Quest 5

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Final Fantasy IV (II) 2
Final Fantasy (general) 3

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