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The RPG and Anime Music Mailing List

LinkExchange Member

RPGamer Great RPG site with news to music to fanart
The Gaming Intelligence Agency Another good RPG info site This site has so much about the Mother (Earthbound) series, it blows my mind
A good place to go for Lufia stuff
SQU/\RESOFT Obviously the offical Squaresoft website.

General Gaming
Nintendo Power Nintendo info from their official site. Used to subscribe to them...did for 8 years O_O
NEXT Generation -- Computer and Videogames A general gaming site
GamePro Online A gaming magazine's website
Game Fan magazine Another gaming magazine site
Zophar's Domain THE place for ANY time of emulation. This site kicks serious ass
Game Genie Code Creators Club The best place for game genie and game shark codes

The best general midi game music site
The website of two talented people who perform RPG and anime music at anime conventions around the country.
Another great game music site
Dracil's rare game & anime midi, realaudio, realvideo, & MP3 Hmm..that title explains itself eh?
captain-picard's Home Page A midi links site that is really freakin' old :P
ÆlphA TraK DomaiN Some original midi and gaming midis...seems to be down now...

Web Comics
A hilarious webcomic poking fun at aspects of RPGs that wouldn't be in real life. It's not the best art, but it made up in content. My favorite web comic.
Similar to Adventurers!, is also very funny. Probably my 2nd favorite webcomic. This webcomic has more plot than Adventurers!
A webcomic that uses the sprites from Final Fantasy I. Sort of follows the plot of FFI, but not really. Another great webcomic.
One of many webcomics made by Eight. This guy's a great artist, a good plot going too.
A sprite webcomic similar to 8-bit theatre, except these sprites are the 16-bit Final Fantasy V!
This is the most known web comic. It talks about what's currently going on in the gaming world.
This is a new webcomic created by the creators of Adventurers! and RPG World web comics. It's a match made in heaven! Looking forward to great things here.
Bob and George A cool webcomic that uses Mega Man sprites.
Created by Ian Jones, who also does RPG World and StarSometing. An interesting webcomic, maybe it's a comic about what goes on in Ian's life? Hmmm.
Another funky RPG sprite webcomic. This one combines Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. Basicly the plot is what if the Chrono Trigger characters (from the end of the game), enter into FFIV's world in the beginning of their plot..hmm...!

Elysha's Homepage Close friend of mine, her site is pretty interesting.
Ultimate End A very good RPG info/files site. I've known this guy for almost as long as this website has been around!
Laurel's Space She has an excellent voice! She sings for weddings too ^_~
The ISU tuba pile Obviously the Iowa State Tubas club website ;)
The Offical FFML Homepage The Final Fantasy Mailing List...go join on Yahoo!Groups!
The Un-Official Final Fantasy Mailing List Webpage Similar to above, but Pyxie does a great job on this one!
The Angry Cow An Anime websitez
Neo-Highwind Seems not to be there right now...Square Haven going through some changes
RPG Cafe Lucca's website. Slowly she's putting it together ~_^
Lynzie's Website Some very good RPG vocal music and scene speaking.

Other Worth Looks
Star Trek The offical website! Some very good stuff on there. News, media etc.
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home! It's a screen saver, it's pretty cool
Garfield Online A childhood cartoon which I've held on to over the years...
Internet Movie Database Really awesome. Has about every movie, show and even videogames in their database.
Earth View Expert Want to look at some pictures of Earth from space?
Linn-Mar High School Bands Was the webmaster for this site until I graduated...time goes by so fast
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Click on a link in there for Headlines, my favorite part of the show!

Last update: 6/23/2001