My rating system is a rating of 1-5. You need the font "Wingdings" to view my rating system. You should have it; if you don't you'll see "C"s. It is based upon my opinion on how close the midi is to the actual game if it was not a remix/arrangement. It is quality when it is a remix and/or arrangement. This ratings are only my opinion. The way the midi sounds depends greatly on your sound card. The rating is as follows:
C Barely recognizable
CC fair
CCC okay
CCCC Very good
CCCCCIf not perfect, very close!
I haven't heard that song yet/haven't heard it enough to make judgement

Midis from games I have not played, I will leave the Rating blank. Some of these games, when you click on the name, it takes you to a separate page. That is so because on the other page, I have links to all the midis in the zip. If you would like to go to that separate page now, click here.
Breath of Fire 2
Breath of Fire 3
Harvest Moon
Illusion of Gaia
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar: Silver Star
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Phantasy Star
Phantasy Star 2
Phantasy Star 3
Phantasy Star 4
Wild Arms
Zelda I: The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II: The Adventurers of Link
Zelda III: A Link to the Pas
Zelda IV: Link's Awakening
Zelda V: Ocarina of Time