Welcome to The RPG Music Dimension! Here you'll find music Archives from tons of RPG games. You'll find music from SquareSoft's, other RPG games, and Japanese RPGs. You could read some stories while you listen. You could chat on my RPG Music Java Chat, or look around on my Weird Al page. This site also is the home of the RPG Music WebRing! Enjoy!!

Under Construction!

02/02/2015 8:30PM CST
  • Finished converting all the music pages to HTML5! The rest shouldn't take too long :)
  • I also should plug my YouTube channel. There isn't too much on there. I uploaded all the tuba and piano music I recorded and also uploaded recordings I made of some RPG music on Google Guitar a few years ago. Enjoy!
01/17/2015 7:02PM CST
  • Upgrading to HTML5 continues. Square-Enix page has been upgraded.
12/07/2014 8:30PM CST
  • Hello! For those of you who still go to this website, you might notice the index page looks slightly different. I've decided to learn HTML5 and update my website to the 21st century. So far just the index page is updated, but soon after I'll convert everything else. After that, I'll come up with a whole new design! It's been a fun learning experience so far. I've been out of the loop for so long, a lot has changed in 14 years! Also, I've decided to put up an old school "under construction" gif above. Never thought you'd see one of those ever again eh? :)
  • I'm still pondering about what to do with my website. I still like the idea of turning it into a blog with music I've come across in my Internet travels. Today is another Lufia 2 cover. A very beautiful string quartet!
  • If you'd like to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at bahamutx @ gmail dot com!
11/23/2009 7:00PM CST
  • Hi all. I just realized today I made a rookie mistake! For those of you who have visited in the last week know that I've actually posted a couple times to this website. I made the changes on a server side code editor. Then later I uploaded the same file from my PC with a different change, and poof, my last two posts were gone, oops!
  • You didn't miss too much though. Just was a "hey I'm still alive! I might actually do something with this thing!" I've really started to seriously think about turning this into a blog about RPG music. There are so many great websites out there these days with RPG music. www.ocremix.org or then people posting their work on youtube.
  • For example above is a video I just found. It's a wonderful arrangement of the Sinstral battle in Lufia 2 (Estpolis II in Japan). I've been thinking about Lufia a lot today because I also found out they're remaking Lufia 2 for the Nintendo DS! I hope they release it here, I have many fond memories of that game :)
  • Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone who still comes to this website. Below is an e-mail you can reach me at. E-mail me to talk about RPG music, reminince about the old days, give ideas about what to do with this website, or just to say hi. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
1/5/2004 1:00AM CST
  • ...And all of a sudden it's 2004. What happened the the past 5 months? I think lost them somewhere *tries to look around*. Anyway, this past semester of college was probably my hardest and busiest I've ever had, I'm so glad it's over. Soon I will be starting my last semester of college!
  • Anyway, I want to apologize to the people who e-mailed me in the past 1/2 year. I was going to reply to them, but I had an accident with one of my hard drives and I lost several months of e-mail a couple months ago. I thank you all again for your e-mails, they weren't ignored! :)
  • Sadly, I don't have any new music today, but I do have a new link on my links page! It's Otaku Duet. The website is about two people who love RPG and anime music so much they cosplay and perform at anime conventions! I've watched some of their performances on their website (and might have seen them at a couple anime conventions I went to in Florida this past year, I'm not sure), but they are pretty good! You should go check them out!
  • That's all for now, still feel free to send me some music! If you sent me an e-mail during the summer up until october, please e-mail me again, and I will reply this time :)
7/31/2003 8:00PM EDT
  • Hey all! First I want to thank you for all the e-mails you've sent me to help motivate me, I really appreciate them :). I haven't replied to most to them, but I promise I will! Here tonight, I am finally having a music update! *rah* *rah*. Yeah, it's been over a year I think since I've last had an update, gomen! I have tons of music to upload, but I think to spread out the joy, I'll release one at time. This one is by Leland McKenzie and Serena. It's quite beautiful. They also performed this at Anime Expo 2003.
6/21/2003 11:10AM EDT
  • *Pokes head out of the ground*. People still come here? You guys must, my counter's over 100k! Wow...that's just amazing. I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive. I'm so sorry for not updating in a year. School, work, lazyness, all that fun stuff. I do have some music to post! I'm thinking doing this will maybe help me get back into gear right? If you would like to help motivate me, e-mail me!. ^_^
7/22/2002 9:42PM CDT
  • Woooah, my first music update in a loooong time. It's the long-awaited piece by Aaron Ackerson. Click "NEW Music" to hear more ;)
7/22/2002 6:34PM CDT
New Webhost, Myrmid.com!
  • If you're reading this (obviously), you are now looking at rpg-music.com at a new webhost Myrmid. If you look around, ALL, yes ALL files are uploaded. I profusely apolgize for the invonvience of this in the past few months. Tonight I will upload NEW music too (what a deal eh? 8D)
  • Their prices are still pretty good (and no annoying 200k upload limit >_<). I got a 100MB for about $5/month. I'll probably outgrow 100 in awhile, how long depends on your submissions!! *hint hint* :D
7/22/2002 3:13PM CDT
  • Duuuude! Myrmid has a new server that doesn't block my IP! So today I'm going to sign up for that provider, get my stuff over there and upload those missing files, w00t! Expect everything to be fixed by this evening hopefully ^_^
7/21/2002 4:03 AM CDT
  • Aye...I'm posting again to say I'm still alive, blah blah blah. I'm still waiting on myrmid.com to solve their problems. If they don't soon, I'll find another company :P. Ah yes, I know it's 4am. I played some D&D until kinda late, but I'm still awake. I've decided to finally start to work on a webcomic. Yeeah, I've decided to join the craze :P. It will be a sprite based (because I can't draw). It will have sprites from a rare unused game (that's a clue). E-mail me if you're curious and maybe I'll tell ya more ;)
6/21/2002 1:58 AM CDT
  • Bleh! I do, I really do have plans for my website. Fans, don't go away! I have music to upload, including another great one by Aaron Ackerson. What I'm wanting to do is to switch providers so I don't have to worry about the stupid upload size limit. I'm planning on signing on with Myrmid, they are the same provider as 8-bit Theatre. Currently they are blocking some subnets that include my University. That is because of the servers they got from this other company. They are switching soon, as soon as they do I'm going to sign up, move over the domain, and do lots of stuff, I promise! My plans with my MICDhosting account is to create another domain and make a personal website. On my wishlist is to get a digital camera, if I do, that'll be the place where I can put pictures. I still have hopes of maybe starting a webcomic of my own (probably sprite...I am not an artist =P). Again to those who have sent me music, I will post it! 8)
5/9/2002 11:04 PM CDT
  • Hey all! As you can see from the "CDT", I am back in Iowa for the summer! Currently I'm actually in Cedar Rapids, and in a week I'll be moving to Ames to take summer classes. I won't be able to do much with my website until then, because my website is on my computer which isn't connected to the interent currently.
  • But! I have lots of ideas going in my head. I've got some music to add (I'll get to it Mandy! I've still got your files!). I've also been thinking about creating a personal website, stuff I wouldn't normally put on here. And with all the webcomics I've been reading (especially sprite comics), I've been thinking about creating my own.
  • I'll keep you guys posted! :)
4/18/2002 12:08 AM EDT
  • Grrr! Stupid 200k upload limit. I thought that was changed when my provider, MICD hosting switched servers. I can upload higher than 200k, but I have to request each file...bleh...I was going to call today about it see if I can get a mass ok at least for the files that are on my website right now, but time went by playing FF1 wonderswan color :D. So, there are some files missing. This is including all instrumental files, a few digital music files and ff7.zip (midi). I will take care of this in the next day or two (hopefully). Worse come to worse, I'll change providers again, which isn't too much of a loss, considering this webhost is pretty dirt cheap ($25/year or something like that). Bleh! Time for sleep.... zzzzzz...
4/15/2002 11:05 PM EDT
  • Yeah, no new music yet, but at least I'm putting something up eh? I gotta get in the rythm ya know? ~_^
  • Anyways, I addeds some more webcomics to my links page. Man, I've become addicted to these things lately! I think I had some other links to add, but I forget what they were...hmmm
  • Ah, and I will, I WILL be adding some music soon, oky doky? 8)
  • Oh! I've also created a new banner. I made this a couple weeks ago, I just haven't gotten to put it up yet. Click here if you'd like to look at it :)
4/11/2002 10:14 PM EDT
  • Wow! Has it been almost a month since I've said I'm alive? Well, it's certainly better than 6 months eh? *ahem*, anyway, I have some new music, which I promise I'll add this weekend. I'm just sayin' hi to all you RPG music lovers!
  • I also added 2002 to the copyright year lists. I have 1996-2002...wow my website is old...it'll be 6 years old this July... O_o.
3/17/2002 11:57 PM EST
  • Alllright! Just made it! Well, I made some more changes. I've made a page for the other RPG music, similar to the one for the Squaresoft midis. Even this format I'll do some tweaking in the near (hopefully) future.
  • And I added one midi! Click on the "What's New" to the left to check it out! 8)
3/17/2002 1:10 PM EST
  • Alright. I updated my links page. I've added quite a few links. I've also uploaded some of their banners. They're not too big, the tables didn't really get larger, so it's all good :)
  • I will update more later today...going to have some lunch and take a break. But by the end of the day, I will have some music uploaded! :D
  • Alright...if you had trouble downloading files from the instrumental page, don't worry, your browser wasn't making fun of you. I hadn't uploaded them yet. They are now! :D Download away :)
  • In other news...YES! I will work on my website this weekend, I promise! I have music to add, links to add, and lots of fun stuff. I'll work on my website this weekend if it's the last thing I do! >:P
  • *cough, cough, wheeze* Ok, I feel better now. It's a long story but yes, I am back! (I really wasn't intending on being gone...stupid Yahoo...grah!). It's a really long story, I'll talk about it someday. Basically I was trying to switch providers and it took forever to figure out how to move my domain over to the new name servers (since I've never done it before). I now have a new hatred for Yahoo. They don't have phone tech support and even their e-mail tech support really really really sucks! I gave them a detailed explaination of my problem and they said to go do something I tried already!" *sigh*
  • But anyway...back about a month ago now I was planning on really working on my website (which I will, I will work on it this weekend). This is just short and sweet (Because I'm at work right now, haha)
  • Don't be surprised if some links don't work, there's a few things I haven't fully uploaded yet (there might be some restrictions on file size...I wanted to get my site uploaded, to worry about it later). But yeah, soon it'll be back to normal.
  • As for the Chain-stories...this new server doesn't have MIVA, I do have what was left and I'll sort through it and post it when I can get to it. After that's all settled, then I'll think of how I can get it going again. E-mail me any suggestions ;)
  • Ok, that's it for now. I'll be back later...I should probably get some work done, tata for now ~_^.
  • I am sick of saying this, but I'll say it anyway, YES I am still alive =. My summer was taken up by many things. DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), traveling, DDR, and DDR :D. To Beau and Seph-666. I love the Chain stories, but I lost time to pay attention. If you guys like to maintain it, let me know. I can link to it, if you would like to create a page for it. The Chainstories themselves can stay on rpg-music.com because they use Miva programming. Let me know, and I'll tell you how you can maintain it ^_^
  • I have created 2, yes 2! Yahoo!Groups. One I created almost two weeks ago: "The RPG and Anime Music Mailing List" - The RPG and Anime Music Mailing List. I have also created a page for it: RPG music and Anime ML. The graphic was made by my girlfriend TenshiRinoa! :)
  • The other group I created was out of the love of a game I've been playing this past summer: Dance Dance Revolution!. It's for DDR players that go to Iowa State/Ames, Iowa. People in the surrounding cities in Iowa are more than welcome to join: DDR-ISU.
  • There, I've revamped the links page. It's probably not it's final look yet, but it's a good start. Something I'm looking into is improving the link and vlink colors. Yellow on gray bg is bad, I know.
  • I've also updated the Coming Soon page. It's been 3 years since I've updated that thing. I have done a few things on that list. The list is updated and has on there what I really want to do in the next few months.
  • Lastly, I've changed the code in all the embeded midis. They should not autostart now if you have Quicktime or netscape's default player. And I changed the code in my guestbook, up till now it still pointed to L-View, which since then has gone through many changes and is now known as "HTML Gear".
  • Update twice in a week? Is he serious about working on his website this time? Who know? Only time will tell *gasp*. I have so much I would love to do with the website, the only thing is getting off my ass to do it, which I know a lot of you out there with websites know what I'm talking about ;)
  • Anyways, if you take a lookie up-left corner, I have added some music! Check it out will ya? I have so much more to add...
  • You can also see I've created a new page for the "add-a-story" called "Chain Stories". Yeah pretty original I know, but I hope to think of a better title later, feel free to shoot ideas at me. It's also under construction, I just wanted to get it out there. To those how have bugged me, ya happy now? =P
  • Also updated my disclaimer page.
  • Next update you will see a revamp of my links section. It's looked that way (except for the background and minor changes) since I last revamped it, back in 1997!