Arekís Revenge
by Jesse Fisher

I created this story for the final writing project during high school in 1997. This story ties together Lufia I and II. It ties in script from Lufia I, so there are spoilers! I hope you enjoy my first fanfic. For the purpose of the story, the "hero" from Lufia I, is named "Jack."


One hundred and ten years ago, four evil beings tried to take over the world. They called themselves "Sinistrals". The first Sinistral, Gades, was the Master of Destruction. The second, Amon, was the Master of Terror. The third, Erim, was the Mistress of Death. The fourth, the leader, Daos, was the Master of Chaos. There was a fifth Sinistral, whoís name was Arek, who was the overseer and above the four.

The four main Sinistrals lived on a floating island called Doom Island. At first it seemed they would succeed. They were about to until four heroes came to challenge them. They were Maxim, Selan, Guy, and Artea. Maxim wielded the greatest sword, the Dual Blade. Selan had great magic, Guy with strength, and Artea, an elf with a bow and magic.

When these parties fought each other, it was called "The Battle on Doom Island". The heroes were successful, but Selan was severely hurt after the battle. When Maxim went to her the floor fell with Maxim and Selan on one side with Guy and Artea on the other. The island was falling! Artea had the power to teleport, but Maxim and Selan were too far away. Guy and Artea had to leave them behind.

When Guy and Artea left, Maxim found that the island was about to fall on the city where Maximís and Selanís child was. With the last of his strength, Maxim destroyed that force that was carrying the island to that city. Doom Island sank into the sea. Maxim and Selan died, but Maximís line was saved. The Dual Blade also fell with the island. The people thought the world was safe...

That was 110 years ago. Ten years ago, in the village of Alekia, there was a boy who was the descendant of Maxim. His name was Jack. One day a girl came wandering into the village. Her name was Lufia. Lufia and Jack became friends.

Ten years later, Jack had become a knight of castle Alekia. Jack and Lufia were very close friends. One day there was a rumor that monsters had attacked a neighboring kingdom, Sheran. Jack went to check it out. The king and others of Sheran were kept in the dungeon. Jack freed them. When they left the castle, someone was there. He called himself Gades! It seemed like the Sinistrals were coming back. Gades left when he saw Lufia.

Jack wanted to go after these Sinistrals. Lufia insisted to go with, and after some persuasion, he let her. Through their travels, they gained two more companions, Aguro and Jerin. Jerin was an outcast because she was half-human and half-elf. She survived on magic and her bow. Aguro was a general in the Lorbenian army.

Before the Sinistrals were back fully, Jackís party went underwater to recover the Dual Blade. The sword that Maxim used to destroy the Sinistrals was found on the sunken Doom Island. About this time someone confronted the four heroes and said Lufia was Erim. Lufia denied it but disappeared later. By now, the Sinistrals were totally revived and the island was again afloat. When the three heroes were ready, they went to the island for the second "Battle on Doom Island".

The story starts on the day of that second battle. The Sinistral Arek, views what happens...

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