Part 1: Arekís Rage

Far away, Arek, King of the Sinistrals is sitting on his throne. He is suddenly awakened from his slumber and has a strange feeling something is happening.

"Egar! Come here!" said Arek.

"Yes...master," replied Egar.

Egar is Arekís servant. He is a human from the planet below. During the four Sinistrals first terror, when Amon destroyed a city once, a human survived. Arek needed a servant, so Amon took the human to Arekís fortress and kept him there. Because Amon had spared him, Egar willingly did anything for Arek.

Arekís fortress is invisible. It resides on an invisible island very high in the sky. This island is definitely bigger and more powerful than Doom Island. Nobody below knows of this island. Arek had named it, "Apocalypse Island". If you were on that island, a force field kept you from aging. When Egar was captured, he was in his late 40ís. Because of the field, he is still in his late 40ís.

Egar goes up to Arek, "What do you need, master?"

"Turn on the tele-view. I want to see Doom Island. I have a funny feeling something is happening."

Egar goes to a wall to Arekís right and presses a few buttons and a large screen comes down from the ceiling. The screen shows the four Sinistrals and the three humans. It is inside the fortress on Doom Island.

Arek sits and watches the three heroes defeat Gades, Amon, and Daos.

"What?! Why isnít Erim fighting them?!" Arek exclaimed, "Egar! Turn on the sound!"

On the same wall Egar presses the "sound" button. Arek and Egar watch and listen to what is happening:

Aguro: "Four Sinistrals become one!"

Jerin: "How can this be possible?"

Jack: "Lufia! Lufia!"

Daos: "The energy of the Dual Blade! It canít be!"

Amon: "Daos! Erimís energy is growing unstable!"

Gades: "Erim! My sister!"

Erim: " head! Aaaah!"

(Erim/Lufia falls out of the formation. Jack runs to her.)

Jack: "Lufia! Lufia! Can you hear me?"

Lufia: "Jack?"

Jack: "Do you know me?"

Lufia: "I remember...but, who am I?"

Jack: "Good. Good!"

Lufia: "Jack."

Aguro: "Jack, Lufia! Stand back! The Sinistrals are changing again."

Daos: "Descendant of Maxim! Nothing will stand against me this time! Come to me! Meet the hideous destiny you richly deserve!"

(Jack, Aguro, Jerin, and Lufia battle "Guard Daos". They succeed.)

Jack: "Lufia. Lufia?"

Lufia: "Hold the sword, Jack."

Jack: "Lufia...Lufia. What....?

Lufia: "16 years ago, I was born as Lufia. But I was Erim long before that."

Jack: "I...I donít believe that!"

Lufia: "Just as the Sinistrals are your enemies, those with Maximís blood are mine."

Jack: "How can we be enemies? The Sinistrals are my foes, not you."

Lufia: "I am the Sinistral Erim. Even if you defeat Amon, Daos, and Gades...theyíll return again as long as I live."

(Lufia is saying that she is Erim, she had survived the battle against Maxim and the others. Because she had, that is why the Sinistrals came back.)

Jack: "........!"

Lufia: "Finish this, Jack."

Jack: "Lufia! Donít do this!"

Lufia: "Jack. Destroy me!!"

(The Dual Blade moves toward Lufia)

Jack: "The Dual Blade?"

(The Dual Blade counteracts with Lufia. Lufia and the Dual Blade disappear.)

Jack: "Why did the Dual Blade go to Lufia? Where is she? I never wanted to fight her!"

Voice: "Jack."

(Jack turns around and sees Lufia at the bottom of the stairs. He runs to her.)

Jack: "Lufia!"

Lufia: "I was so scared. All the memories of Erim flooded into my mind! They just wouldnít stop! I started to forget about you, Jack."

Jack: "Thatís why you disappeared in front of me?"

Lufia: "But...when you called my name, I realized...I remembered you, Jack."

Jack: "Donít talk now."

Lufia: "Jack, itís alright. The Sinistrals are gone forever."

Jack: "Lufia! Hold on!"

Lufia: "Jack. I was much happier in the short time I lived as Lufia than the eternity I spent as Erim."

Jack: "What are you talking about? Weíll always be together."

Lufia: "Jack, I donít want to go, yet. I want to be close to you, Jack."

Jack: "You wonít die! I wonít let you, Lufia!"

Lufia: "Really?"

Hero: "Trust me!"

Lufia: "Weíll always be together? For a long time? Good. Good...."

Jack: "A long time, Lufia."

Lufia: "........"

Jack: "Lufia?"

Lufia: "........"

Jack: "Lufia!"

(Floor falls beneath Lufia.)

Jack: "Lufia!!"

Aguro: "Jack! Doom Island! Itís falling!"

Jerin: "Letís get out of here! Itís dangerous!"

Aguro: "Jack! Come quickly!"

Jack: "Lufia."

Aguro: "What are you doing? Come on!"

Arek screams, "Nooooooooo!!!! Daos, Erim, Amon, and Gades! Gone forever! It canít be! How could these petty humans defeat them....AGAIN?"

Egar sits on the floor as he watches the screen. He doesnít see much of his own kind. He doesnít say anything.

"The island is falling. Jack, Aguro, and Jerin are still inside. They might not escape fast enough," said Arek, "Egar! Switch the tele-view mode to follow those three."

"Yes, master," Egar replies. He goes to the wall once again and pushes a few buttons.

They continue to watch:

Aguro: "Jack! Weíre getting out of here!"

Jerin: "Jack! Quickly!"

(Jack, Aguro, and Jerin narrowly escapes and flies off of Doom Island in their airship just in time. Doom Island falls to the bottom of the sea once again. The three heroes are now on safe land.)

Aguro: "Whew! We escaped just in time!"

Jerin: "Any longer, and we would have disappeared with Doom Island!"

(Aguro and Jerin watch Jack as he wonders north.)

Jerin: "Jack!"

Aguro: "Donít Jerin. Thereís nothing you can say to Jack right now."

Jerin: "But...but!"

Aguro: "We defeated the Sinistrals. Our journey ends here. No one can stop Jack."

Jerin: "So, are we supposed to say goodbye now? Must it end this way? I canít........"

(Jerin watches as Jack walks farther away)

Jerin: "Jack."

"DAMN! EGAR! Turn off the tele-view!" Arek demanded.

"Yes, master," said Egar. He goes to the wall and pressed a few more buttons. After he did, he sat against that wall, without touching the buttons of course.

Arek is outraged. He yells, ", could these insignificant humans defeat us? Curse that Dual Blade! But at last the Dual Blade is destroyed for good when it went for Erim. I shall have my revenge on this pitiful world! Nobody will get away with killing Sinistrals!"

Egar softly says, "You have one aspect on your side, master..."

"Whatís that, Egar?!"

"Nobody knows of you or this island."

"That is what happened with Daos and the others 110 years ago, and look what happened?! Theyíre dead. You were brought from the era when they first attacked, you should know that, human!"

Egar softly replies, "Yes, but they went too slow on their attack."

"What are you saying?"

Egar softly suggests, "If you really want to have successful revenge, why not have a large surprise attack when they least expect it?"

"Very good point," Arek growls, "How did this human come up with that?!"

Egar said, "Itís because Iíve been around you for so long. So in fact it was your idea!"

"Yes...Yes!! That sound like me doesnít it? O aha!" Arek explodes, "Now. How to do it...Hmm....Iíll think on it. Egar, you may go to bed now, and tomorrow you will hear my great plan."

The Next Day

Sinistrals donít need much sleep. They probably could live without it. Arek just sits in his throne, dozes off once in awhile. He sees Egar come from his bedroom. Egar sees Arek stare in his direction. Even after 110 years, it still freaks him out.

"Egar! I have developed my plan for my revenge!" Said Arek. He is very excited, in an evil sinisterly way. He continues, "Come here Egar, and let me tell you my plan!"

Egar is still only partially awake. He yawns while he says, "Yes...master...what *yawn* is your plan?"

"I have decided I will create these huge evil black dragons that breathe acid, will terrorize the world, and turn it into chaos. They will be indestructible. These dragons will smash the world!! HA HAHAHA!!!"

Egar softly pointed out something, "You want to rule the world, am I right?"

"Yes...why do you ask!?"

"If you want to rule the world, why are you going to totally destroy it? Donít you want something to rule over?"

Arek growls again, "Yes...Grr.."

Egar then says, "Remember that I have been around you for a long time, itís your thinking."

"Yes...Yes!! Of course! Then these black dragons will just terrorize, put the world into chaos and, and destroy a few towns here and there," said the evil Sinistral.

Egar softly says, "Sounds good to me..."

Arek goes to the map of the world which is against the wall that is opposite of the wall containing the controls for the tele-view.

Arek looks at it and turns around to face Egar and yells, "Yes! I will have my vengeance on those pathetic humans. No offense to you Egar, my faithful servant. In one year I WILL MY HAVE REVENGE!!! HA HAHAHAHA!!!"

Arek looks at Egar, "Come! Share an evil laugh with me on this fine moment!"

Egar sighs and tries, "Umm... Haha ha haha?"

Arek frowns, "No Egar. Like this. HA HAHAHAHA!!!"

Egar tries again, "Ahem. Ha hahahaha?"

Arek sighs, "Good enough! HA HAHAHAHA!!!"

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