Part 3: The Attack

We are now back in Arekís fortress. Arek is very excited. He is sitting in his throne like usual. It is late afternoon. Egar is lying on the ground and bored; dozing off.

Arek screams, "The day is finally here! My black dragons are ready for destruction, HA HAHAHAHA!!! Today, I will get my vengence!" he looks down at Egar, "Are you excited too?!"

Egar, jumped when Arek yelled, softly replies, "Oh yeah. Yippee..."

"Thatís the spirit!!"

"Arek, Apocalypse Island will have to be visible when the black dragons are dropped on the ground. And are you sure you had not forgotten anything when you created the dragons?"

"Of course not your human unperfected fool! What could I have forgotten?"

"Can the dragons survive outside their capsules?"

"Of course they can! Why couldnít they?"

"I donít know, if youíre sure, then thatís okay by me."

"Alright then! At dusk my dragons will descend upon the world and create chaos! HA HAHAHA!!!"

Outside of Flakeís house on the Priphea flower field

Priphea are small beautiful flowers. They flower very rarely. Jack and Lufia are lying on their sides facing each other. Theyíre chatting.

Jack says, "Itís been a wonderful day Lufia. Thank you for the fine day."

She smiles, "Your welcome. Thank you too. Iíve had a fun time this past month."

She sniffs the flowers, "Donít you just love Priphea flowers? They bloom so rarely. When they do, they look and smell beautiful."

Jack smiles, "Yeah, Lufia they do," and Jack pauses.

Lufia asks, "What are you thinking, Jack?"

"Oh, nothing really. Isnít great the world is safe?"

"Yes, it is. Iím glad that I can walk around, without worry."

Their eyes close, but when their faces come closer, and Jack stops because he thought he had heard something.


He falls back, "Did you hear that?"

"What did you hear?"

Jack hears the sound again. It sounded like a shriek of a monster. This time itís louder, "There, again, did you hear it?"

Thereís a third shriek, it was loud enough that Lufia heard, "Yeah, it sound like..."

Jack interrupts her, "A...dragon? How could that be? I donít know of any dragons, why would one come to this village?"

The fourth shriek is loud enough that it makes Jack and Lufia turn towards the front of the city. And there, in the entrance to the village was a black dragon.

Lufia gasps, "Oh, my!"

Jack comforts her, "Iíll go and see. Thank goodness I kept his sword with me today. Itís like a part of me"

"Can I come with you? I wonít get in the way."

"Itís dangerous! I canít..."

"Iíll stand away. Far enough away from the dragon."

"Alright. You be careful then!"

Lufia kneels behind a wall, which is 500 yards away from the dragon. The dragon is huge! Its a 10 times bigger than a house! How could this thing be destroyed?

Jack goes up to the dragon ready to fight. He then notices that the dragon is having a hard time breathing with his lungs. Its head swerves from side to side, falls back, and all of a sudden, the whole body falls forward. Jack jumps out of the way.

Jack is very puzzled, he goes up to Lufia, "How did that happen??"

Lufia suggested, "I noticed after every second, it had a harder time breathing. That is weird certainly."

Then a lady outside her house hanging laundry screams!

Jack and Lufia rush up to her, "Maíam what is it?"

The lady is stunned and she points her finger upward. Lufia and Jack look up. Very high in the sky and very little, you could see an, island!?!

Jack yells, "How could this be possible?!"

At the front of the town, Aguro and Jerin teleport at the entrance to the town. They see Jack and Lufia. They run up to them.

Jerin is the first to speak, "Lufia?!?"

Lufia replies, "Yes, thatís me, who are you?"

"Iím Jerin. One of Jackís friends."

Jerin then turns to look at Jack. Jack says, "Itís a long story. But how did you find me?"

Aguro answered, "Jerin tried teleporting to every town weíve been to, so we ended up coming here. I see you have a dragon dead too. In Lorbenia, so did we."

Jack nods and points Aguro and Jerin to the sky, "Look."

Aguro and Jerin look up and says, "Ohhh, my!"

Aguro then says, "It canít be! It looks different though. We should go check it out. We still have the airship. Itís in Lorbenia. Letís go up there."

Jack replies, "Yeah...."

Then the island disappears.

Jerin was the first to notice, "Where did the island go?"

The other three look up; itís gone.

Jack is surprised, "Now thatís weird isnít it? Well, thereís nothing we can do about it now, but come see me if you see it again..."

Back at Arekís fortress

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Arek screams on the top of his lungs, "How?! Why?! What went wrong with my dragons!?"

The tele-view is on and showing Arus village. It shows the dead black dragon, Jack, Aguro, Jerin, and Lufia.

Arek is in his throne and Egar on the floor. They were both looking at the tele-view. Arek tries to think. He had seen that the dragon had hard time breathing.

Egar is also thinking. He asks Arek, "When you made them, what did you have them breathe?"

"Helium of course, why?"

"There isnít enough helium in the air down below to breathe and live on."

"WHAT?! #@$%!! I canít believe this happened!!"

Arek thinks and growls, "I will be back. You can count on that Egar. I will NOT fail next time...WATCH OUT JACK!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"

The End

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