Part 2: The Calm Before the Storm

It is around noontime. Arekís three black dragons are in their tubes in the incubation room. The room is down the hall from Arekís throne room. He is sitting in his throne once again, with an evil grin on his face. He watches the very nearly complete dragons in their developing.

With an evil tone Arek said, "Yes..."

Arek thinks and looks around. He called to Egar, "Egar!"

Egar is eating his lunch. Sinistrals generally donít eat, but they can if they want to. Egar was trusted by now by Arek that he wouldnít try to escape (although it was impossible anyway). Heís been here for 111 years already. Egar also knows that Arek, could kill him at any time anyway. He comes into the chamber room where Arek is sitting in his throne, "Yes, master?"

"It has been nearly one year now, and the time to act is almost here. My black dragons are close to ready and in one month I will have my revenge! HA HAHAHA!!!" said the sinister Sinistral, "Turn on the tele-view. I want to see what those three humans are doing. First tune on to Aguro."

Egar goes to the right wall and presses a few buttons, the screen comes down, and the sound is on. Aguro is in his hometown of Lorbenia. He is talking to a soldier outside the Lorbenian army headquarters:

Soldier: "Commander Aguro! Where are you going? Weíre training recruits today. You have to be there!"

Aguro: "I have something else to do. I leave the training to you. You can do it.

Soldier: "But! Itís my first time! I canít...!"

Aguro: "Silence! Stop moaning! Just do it! Thatís an order!"

Soldier: "Yes, sir!"

(Lorbenia is a coastal town. Aguro huries to the northeast dock. Jerin is there.)

Aguro: "Sorry to be so long, Jerin."

Jerin: "Itís been a year. Hasnít it, Aguro?"

Aguro: "Yes."

Jerin: "I wonder what happened to Jack?"

Aguro: "I donít know. Heís not in Alekia. I donít know where is now, but..."

Jerin: "But what?"

Aguro: "I know Iíll see him again. I just feel it."

Jerin: "Yes. I feel the same thing. Weíll see him again"

Aguro: "A year has passed, Jerin. And thereís something I want to ask you."

Jerin: "Whatís going on, Aguro? Itís not like you to be so serious."

Aguro: "How long do you think youíre going to stay in this town?

Jerin: "What?"

Aguro: "What do you mean, ĎWhat?í. A year ago, you said there was no place for you to go. So I brought you here. And yet, youíve never looked for a new home."

Jerin: "What are you saying? Am I bothering you?"

Aguro: "Yes. Youíre bothering me. Thanks to you, I canít even eat unless I serve in the army!"

Jerin: "Hey! I earn my keep, donít I?"

Aguro: "It costs more that that when two people live together. I donít even have a girlfriend!"

Jerin: "You couldnít find a girlfriend even if I wasnít living with you!"

Aguro: "You werenít cute when I met you! One year later, youíre still not cute!"

Jerin: "I donít care if you think Iím cute or not!"

Aguro: "What an attitude! No wonder you canít find a place to live!"

Arek said, "Okay Egar. Thatís enough of those two. Turn on to Jack."

"Oky doky," said Egar. He goes to the buttons and presses a few. Jack is in the town of Arus. They watch:

Jack: "Arus village. Lufiaís favorite flower, Priphea, was in full bloom then."

(Jack walks towards the back side of the town. There is a field of Priphea, a house a few yards away, and a girl is there.)

Jack: "........!"

Girl: "Hello. Are you a traveller?"

Jack: "Yes. Iím Jack. Iíve been traveling around the world for a year now."

Girl: "Around the world? I envy you. Iíve never been far from the village."

Jack: "Excuse me, but may I ask you name?"

Girl: "Iím Lufia. I live in this village with my grandfather."

Jack: "Lu...Lufia?"

Lufia: "Is there something wrong with my name?"

Jack: "No! Not at all."

(Lufia turns to face the house)

Lufia: "Oh, Grandpa!"

(An old man walks down along side of Lufia. This old man name is Flake. He is a very wise elder that has helped Jack and his friends in their travels not more than a year ago.)

Lufia: "Grandpa, this is Jack. Heís been traveling around the world."

Flake: "Oh my! Welcome to our little village. Weíre simple people, but please enjoy your stay here."

Lufia: "Say, Grandpa, if itís alright, why donít we let him stay with us? I want to hear about the world outside this village."

Flake: "Now, thatís a good idea. What do you say, Jack? Would you tell her some of your stories?"

Jack: "Of course. Iíd be happy to."

Lufia: "Oh, thank you! Iíll go and make some tea!"

(Lufia leaves and goes into the house to make tea. Jack turns to Flake.)

Jack: "Tell me, Flake. Who is she?"

Flake: "Thatís Lufia."

Jack: "That canít be true! Lufia is..a year ago...I...."

Flake: "We moved her to this village after her fall from Doom Island. She was weak, but she survived."

Jack: "So, youíre saying that sheís really Lufia?"

Flake: "Yes. Sheís Lufia alright. But she canít use her magic now."

Jack: "What do you mean, she canít use magic?"

Flake: "Sheís just an ordinary girl now."

Jack: "But, why....?"

Flake: "Maybe because of the Dual Blade. Its great power affects people in different ways. The bladeís energy changed Lufia. Her magic and her memory...all gone."

Jack: "Changed her? How can that be?"

Flake: "No doubt about it. When I found her, she couldnít even remember how to speak."

Jack: "Well, what about her memory now?"

Flake: "I taught her what she knows. Parts of that are just an illusion."

Jack: "I didnít know. But why do you want me to help Lufia so much?"

Flake: "I donít know. I just...."

(Lufia steps out of the door)

Lufia: "Grandpa! Jack! Teaís ready. Come inside and relax."

(Flake and Jack smell the cinnamon tea Lufia is holding. The old Lufia a year ago, loved cinnamon, and made it all the time for Jack.)

Flake: "Oh, you made cinnamon tea. You usually donít make it. What changed your mind?"

Lufia: "Well, we have a guest and I thought it would be nice."

Flake: "When my guests come, you make ordinary tea."

Lufia: "Thatís not true! Sometimes I make it for your guests!"

Flake: "Ha! Ha! Thatís alright. My friends alone canít make you do this. I understand. But Jack is your own age, Lufia. I know youíd want to do something special!"

Lufia: "What! Oh, you! How can you say that, Grandpa? Forgive us, Jack. Just ignore him."

Flake: "I see. So, Lufia. Youíre saying you donít like him?"

Lufia: "I never said that! Letís just have our tea, please."

(Lufia goes back into the house.)

Jack: "Itís Lufia. Itís really her, isnít it?"

Flake: "Yes. But sheís different from the Lufia you knew."

Jack: "I donít care! As long as sheís alive."

Flake: "Even without her memory? She doesnít even remember you."

Jack: "Memories......"

Jack: "Thatís alright. Weíll make new memories."

(Lufia comes out of the house again.)

Lufia: "What are you two talking about? Come inside, the tea is getting cold."

Flake: "Come, come on! Lufiaís waiting."

Jack: "Iíll be right there!"

"Erim...Or whatís left of her. Erim is dead, but the body of Lufia survived. Amazing," Arek sighs, "Will Jack and Lufia fall in love again? If they do, itíll make the revenge all the sweeter. The three dragons will fall on the cities of Alekia, Lorbenia, and Arus. My dragons will take care of those humans that killed Daos, Erim, Amon, and Gades and then they will take revenge on the rest of the world! HA HAHAHAHA!!!"

Arek looks at Egar, "You may pull up the tele-view."

Egar turns off the tele-view.

Arek growls, "In one month I will have my revenge. It is so close I can feel it. Those humans wonít know what hit Ďem!!"

At Flakeís house in Arus

Jack, Flake, and Lufia are in Flakeís kitchen, sitting at a table, their tea in front of them. Jack speaks first.

"Good house Flake and Lufia."

"Thank you, Lufia keeps up the place pretty well. She takes great care of me."

"Awww Grandpa, stop it," Lufia said with a smile, "So Jack, tell me what the world is like out there."

Jack replies, "Before I answer that, I want to say what great cinnamon tea you make! I love it. And you look really nice today."

"Why, Thank you!" said Lufia. She couldnít stop smiling.

Flake inputs, "She makes great cinnamon pie too."

Jack is surprised; the old Lufia loved to make cinnamon pie, "Really? I love cinnamon pie."

Jack remembers old Lufiaís cinnamon tea, the greatest in the world. This tasted just like it! It made him want some of Lufiaís cinnamon pie too.

Lufia looks at Jack, "You do? Well, Iíll just have to make you one sometime, wonít I?" she pauses then says, "So now, can you tell me something about the outside world?"

Jack is wondering off looking at Lufia, and it took him a second to respond, "Oh, yes. Itís umm. Itís green."

Jack is having a hard time concentrating. He hadnít seen Lufia in such a long time. He tries to keep in mind that Lufia isnít the same person as she used to be. But Lufia does seem mysteriously similar.

Lufia laughs, "Itís green, is it? Iíd surely hope so."

Jack laughs with her, "Yeah. The world is green. Haha. Well, to start of is that there are mountains and many seas..."

Jack goes and talks about the various towns. A few adventures he had been in. Through this whole time, Jack and Lufia couldnít stop looking at each other.

After awhile, Lufia made supper. After a couple more stories, it is now late evening, the sun had gone down.

Jack gets up, "Itís getting late now, I should probably get going..."

Flake cut it in, "Where are you sleeping tonight? I had heard you donít go back to Alekia anymore."

Jack is a little stunned, "Umm... I usually stay at a hotel."

Flake has an idea, "Why donít you spend the night here? You could tell Lufia more of your adventures could...get to know each other?"

Lufia still has her eyes on Jack, "Umm..." she had wandered, "Oh, yeah. Thatís real nice of you Grandpa," she turns to Jack, "Would you like to?"

Jack is off in lala land, "Sure! Thanks a lot Flake. That would be great."

Flake turns to Lufia, "Then itís settled! Iím happy. Jack can sleep on the couch. Lufia, could you get a pillow and a blanket for Jack?"

"Sure, Grandpa. Iíll be right back, Jack. Weíll have fun tonight!"

When Lufia had left, Flake turns to Jack, "So what do you think of her?"

"What do you mean, ĎWhat do you think of her?í That sure is an odd question."

Flake corrects himself, "I mean, how does she seem to the old Lufia?"

"Oh, okay. She acts the same, I havenít seen any differences, and she makes cinnamon tea and pie? Why is she so similar?" Jack asked.

"Well, when I told Lufia what she knew, I had remembered her from our meeting a year ago. The old Lufia had told me she liked to make stuff with cinnamon in them. And I guess her values and attitude stay even with amnesia. Itís mainly her past that is an illusion. I had told her that her parents passed away when she was 10, and sheís lived with me ever since. Explaining the amnesia, I told her that she was swimming one time, a big wave of water came in, swept her to hit her head with a rock. After a few hours had passed, I got worried, and I found her."

Jack thanks Flake, "That explains it, thanks. I have a question, are you trying to hook Lufia and I up? Inviting me for tea, then asking if I want to stay for the night?"

Flake, a little embarrassed, says, "Well, you were in love with her before were you not? You said that she is similar to the old Lufia. And besides, Lufia needs somebody. She needs to have someone like you, Jack. Someone of the same age. Iím getting old now and I wonít be around forever. Iíve noticed you two couldnít keep your eyes off each other."

"Well, thatís true. I did love Lufia, the old Lufia that is. This Lufia is still different. She is stunningly similar though. Iím not sure what to do. I would definitely like to find out about the new Lufia."

Flake replied, "Thatís good. All you can do is to follow your heart..."

Thatís when Lufia came back. She came into the kitchen and says, "Itís all ready Jack."

"Iím glad we had a good talk," Flake said to Jack, "I should get to bed. You two go and talk some more."

"Good night, Grandpa," said Lufia cheerfully.

"Gínight Flake," said Jack and added, "And Flake?...Thanks."

Flake smiled and went up the stairs to his room. Lufia and Jack go into the living room and sit on opposite sides of the couch. Their legs overlap and so they are fully looking at each other.

"So..." said Jack.

"So..." repeated Lufia.

"What do you think of what Iíve said so far?"

"Itís great. I never knew our world was that big. I thank you a lot!"

"I havenít gotten into half of it!"

"Really? Wow. Could you tell me more?"

"Yeah, Iíd love to..."

Jack continues talking. This goes on for hours. Lufia talks about herself and some of her experiences. Then they talk about everything else practically. It gets so late they both fall asleep on the couch.

After that night Jack decides to stick around Arus village. Jack and Lufia start to date. Flake likes what is happening. He is happy for both Jack and Lufia. This goes on for a few weeks. All is well until...

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