March 2001

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Velius leads Lin down the busy street. There are merchants yelling loudly, attempting to shout over the other businessmen and sell thier wares. Velius says, "Why should we split up when obviously the Ener-Crafts that we need to ride on are on the harbor?" Lin answers him best she can, "Well, this town is in the middle of the penninsula, so the Harbor could be on any side. If we find it fast enough we should just go back and wait where we're supposed to. Ya' know, not trying to go further to see if we could actually sneak on. I think we'll need Roq's help with that part." Velius shakes his head as he walks down the street. "We'll probably not find the harbor, because if it is a harbor that sends boats off to the continent of Terriv then it will be toward that continent- to the south. Sage and Jewel will most likely be the ones to find it. So don't worry. We'll just take our time and have a little fun while looking." Lin points at a shop and gasps. "Chocobo Races! I love chocobos! Let's go see them!" Lin and Velius run over to the large building. Back with Sage and Jewel... They walk South down the street, not saying much to each other. The only thing that has been discused is the plans being carried out. They walk a little further, wading through throngs just as Velius and Lin did. Jewel slows behind. Sage turns around to see her running toward a woman's clothing department. Sage's eyes widen and he suddenly faints on the street.

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Meanwhile, Velius and Lin are at the Chocobo races. They sit down in the stands when a man steps up to them. "Excuse me miss," the bellboy says, "but you've been selected to ride a chocobo yourself as the guest jockey!" Lin smiles wide and Velius says, "Awww crap, you're pretty lucky!" The man takes Lin out of the stands and down some stairs into the stables. "So, which one is mine?" asks Lin. The man points to a door and says, "In there." Lin opens the big heavy door and looks into a small empty room. Suddenly, a shadow looms over her and pushes her to the ground into the room! The door slams shut. "Hey!!!" yells Lin frantically. She looks up through the thick small glass window on the door, and Famos's face pops up! "Dammit, let me out!" she yells. "I must apologize, but I think I'll let you stay in there until you starve...or something like that." Famos smiles and walks off, leaving Lin trapped. "I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THIS CRAP! Arghhhh! Enshou Wall!" A fierce white energy beam slams into the door, but it is innefective. "I take it this room is shielded from the inside...just what do I do now?" Velius is seated and notices the race take off, but no Lin in sight. "Huh? Wait a sec." says Velius as he notices the bellboy lurking in the shadows, watching him. He dashes up and grabs the bellboy. "Where's Lin!? You know something!" The bellboy gets extremely nervous. But right before he can talk, a vicious energy blade materializes from the ground, shredding him! Velius looks around and...

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he sees the mysterious swordman!! Velius exclaimes, "What did you do that for?" He replies, "He was under a permanent charm spell by Famos, the guy couldn't be saved, he would have killed you, even though you didn't know it yet." "Oh ok, but what are you doing here now? Have you decided to tell me who side your on yet?" "Patience my young warrior! I am just here to help a little when needed, I'm more of a neutral character. I see that Famos has trapped Lin inside that room." And with that, after a snap of his finger, Famos disappears and the door opens and Lin comes out. Velius jaw just dropps " did you get this kind of power?" The mysterious swordsman just puts his hand up, "It is a long story, not enough time for that, I must go now." He snaps his fingers again and he vanishes. Lin is a little dumbfounded too, "What happened?" Lin asked. "I'm not sure myself," Velius replies. They decided they had enough of this place and went outside.

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Lin and Velius walk over to a tavern. "What's this, Lin?" asks Velius. "Wellll...I figure if we are gonna keep fighting all these guys, we'll need some food!" Velius looks puzzled and says, "You know, I think we have more important things to do." But Velius doesn't see Lin and notices the doors of the tavern flapping. He sighs and steps inside and sits next to Lin. They order a bunch of food. "So Velius, how didyou know to meet us back at McHeart's place when your brother got taken over?" Velius puts his arms behind his head and leans back in his chair against the wall. He looks up and says, "It's kind of a long story." Lin smiles and notes, "Well, y' just sorta showed up. So how did you know about everything that was going on?" Velius stops looking at the ceiling and looks at the table, but right when Velius is about to explain everything....

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A mysterious magical light appears in front of their table. Within it is Beao, wounded severly from his fight. "Velius! I had to find you!" Velius jumps back and eyes his friend. "What the hell happened to you?!" yells Velius. "Nevermind, I will explain all. First I must tell you that Spectre is in the city and he seeks you out. He is very much more powerful. Verigal Deci is extremely mighty, and I continue to battle with him now. That is all I can tell you. Ariel Messanger Dispel." With that his apparition fades away. Some other people from the bar are staring quite intently at Velius and Lin. Velius looks about the room with just as much confusion playing across his face, and says, "How the hell did that guy know my name?" A couple people chuckle, others shrug and contiue their vigorous drinking. Velius turns back to Lin. "Damn it. Beao needs our help, yet we can do nothing as they fight on some faraway plane! Damn!" Lin reaches across the table and grabs Velius' hand. She holds it within hers and says, "It will be fine. With Spectre out of Beao's fight, I'm sure he will fare much better." She breathes deep and continues, "Yet we must worry about ourselves. Spectre is seeking us out." Velius nods and says, "You are right. He will most likely find us just as Beao did. So we should take the battle to a place away from innocent lives." Lin and Velius stand up together and walk out of the bar. Jewel begins browsing through clothes and in moments has about seven or so outfits she wishes to buy. She glances around for her father, but finds him nowhere. She happens to gaze out of the front window of the shop and notices a crowd gathering around one particular area in the street. She drops the clothes and checks it out. Pushing her way through the crowd, Jewel sees an older man lying down and a young child bending over him. "Not again." She says quietly after noticing the aged man is her father. She walks up into the circle and sees what the small kid is doing. The young boy backs away from Jewel's oppresive shadow and she notices the face paint Sage has applied to his face. He looks like a clown... Jewel nods to the young child and says, "Nice work- I think he'll love it. Continue!" A round of applause echoes through the area accompanied by laughter. *Shifting to a different scene* Roq creeps through an overpacked warehouse. Sweat beads roll down his face. He bites his lip as he creeps around another large crate. A mouse scurries by, and he flashes out a hand, quickly and quietly impaling it on his fingernail. He rounds the box and continues toward the western door, towards where he believes the docks are at. Out from behind the nearest crate he hears that noise again... a dragging of something metal. 'Where is that coming from?' thinks Roq. The elf glides up to the next large box. The boxes are stacked all around the room, but all contribute to the grid-paper like hallways between themselves. Eying the next corridor formed of crates, Roq begins to lunge to the next box in which he will hide behind. But this time there is a loud clang and a large figure looms up before him. He jumps right into it, and is knoocked back into a box. The crate's side shatters beneath the blow, and Roq gets propelled into the box, next to its contents- vials filled with distorted oil. The looming figure shows his face, and Roq recognizes it as Spectre's. Only now the dark man's face is changed. Metal rods and bony projections line his face. Most noticable though is the lagre loop ring hanging from his nose, bearing a familiar emblem. "Hatred's Symbol! You must have been modifi-" Roq is cut off by the loud thump of another box falling next to the half-open crate which within resides Roq. He is now closed in on all sides. A few moments begin to pass and Roq starts to shake. 'Don't let it get to you... this isn't that small of an area... just breath.' Outside of the container Spectre laughs a loud, thunderous laugh. "I know your fears, and I use them against you! Pitiful elfling!" Roq answers back, "Yes and you know because you have been modified by a great demon- I can tell because you wear the emblem of Hatred." Some more laughing and Spectre replies, "Isn't it great? The master has improved my mind, stregth, and ability. I will kill you and all of your pathetic friends. But I think I'll let you sit here a while after I tumble thousands of crates on top of yours. Good ridance!" Roq shouts, "Go ahead! You are just a pawn- a weak, selfish servant of Hatreds! He has turned you into the frightened little curr you are now! So do it!" Spectre's booming laughter stops. "Awright elfling- get your worthless self out here!" After that, a thin blade plunges through the wooden crate, to miss Roq only by an inch. Roq now knows where Spectre is at- so he points his finger in that direction and wills his dagger nails to extend. "Ahh!" is the satisfying answer, followed by nasty gurgling sounds. Roq flicks his wrist, cutting open a small hole in the crate's un-burdened side. Roq jumps out after calling his nail back and sees Spectre with a wide smile. Roq looks at the limp figure hanging in Spectre's grasp. It is also very familiar to him. "Princess!" He notices the large hole in her throat. "What did you do?!" Spectre cannot stop laughing, and falls over, flinging the corpse aside. He begins to roll around on the floor. Roq runs over to Lin's dead body. He turns to look at Spectre with vengeful eyes. Spectre stops his antics and snaps his fingers. "Look." He says. Roq looks back to the princess of Sendar. Only now it is not the woman it was before, now the corpse in his arms is that of Jewel's. Roq stares in confusion. Another snap of Spectre's fingers and the body becomes large, changing into that of a well known minotaur. "Thragnar?" One more snap and the body changes into another well known one. "Velius?" Roq looks back at Spectre. He begins to laugh again. Suddenly Spectre is shocked from the being of his core. Shortly after, a dark presence shifts into being. "I know that power... Hatred is here." says Roq in haunted voice. Another voice speaks, from an unknown place. "You foolish creature. I grant you powers only to have you turn and display the carcass of my one true blood brother? The brother I told you would be spared and would enter our ranks as second-in-command? As the Devil Hellion? How dare you, foolish, pathetic, creature of vile ugliness." Another shock wracks Spectre's body, and the emblem disappears. As do the horns and his bulky mass. He turns back into the small little man he once was. "I will get you back."

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"I can't believe you let that little hooligan do this to me." says Sage as he wipes his face off in a fountain. Jewel looks around the street, which pretty much cleared up when her father atempted to kill the child marking on his face. Jewel stopped his Beaming Scythe attack with Enshou Wall. "Well... he was having fun and the crowd enjoyed it." Sage jumps up, water flinging from his face. He bears his dagger teeth. "Father! Calm down! It is consuming you!" Sage's eyes turn a flaming red. "Daddy! It was just a child. Don't get so overwhelmed by anger!" Sage's features begin to return to normal. He shakes his head and says, "You are right. I should not get so uptight. But if you do anything stupid again- I mean it." Jewel nods her understanding and turns around. "Well, we should probably start looking." Sage wipes his wet hands on his robes and stands up. "I think that Roq will find that harbor. I was also thinking that we should..." Sage instantly picks up, "What? What do you have planned now?" Jewel pivots around to face her father and whispers in his ear, "I overheard some people in the crowd talking about something interesting." Sage angrily shouts, "Well! Out with it!" Jewel breathes deep and continues, "You didn't need to shout- I'm right here..." Sage sighs and says, "Just tell me." Jewel starts again, "They were talking about something called the 'Dragon Wing of Heeter'. It supposedly is a lost artifact once belonging to the lead business of the city. But it was stolen away and lost. It is rumored to have the power to persuade anyone into anything. Think about it!" Sage slowly nods. "Yes, yes, I see. We could use it to help charm Kamain's Devil out of him. Likewise with the Angel, so he can be returned to normal and I can finally lock those two away for good. I ordered Alvato to but he..." Jewel puts an arm around her father's back and begins walking him down the street, further away from the clocktower. It is currently at 1:19 PM. Roughly 11 hours til they need to get back to it.

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Roq looks up at the large clock and sees something else out of the corner of his eye. A bright burning thing hanging in the sky. "What is that?" he asks himself. Roq looks closer. "A comet! What the hell!? How can this be? Did Hatred summon it? Will it hit us?" Suddenly the burning ball gains great speed and rockets toward the world. It grows larger every second. "Damn him!" is the last thing Roq says before the large meteor strikes the planet. Lin and Velius gape at the what is in the sky. Velius just having suceeded in getting Lin out and back into his saftey. "Lin. I love you." says Velius. Lin looks at Velius, confused. "Really? It is too bad we don't have enough time to... do anything. Love ya'!" Then everything goes black. Jewel is jumping up and down, screaming. "Shut up!" yells her father. "It is just a comet!" Jewel stops her ranting. "Oh. Really? Then that means you can take care of it pretty easy, huh?" Her father nods. He begins to gather mana, and shoots an icicle at it. The icicle shatters, doing nothing. "Good job, dad. Sheesh!" All life ceases. Riding atop the burning meteor is a familair face, although one long forgotten by our heros. "Whoa! What a rush! Here I come, Kamain!" shouts a large elf named Karr. He has a wicked smile that spreads wide. ...APRIL FOOLS! ***Bahamut X Note: When I compile the story, this WON'T be in it, sorry Seph >:P***

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