May 2001

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Velius and Lin are puzzled and ask Sage, "Ummm...where's Jewel at?" Sage clenches his fist and turns away and sinks his head. Velius and Lin realize what happened to her and sink their heads as well. Sage suddenly turns around, "It will be alright. If we can beat Hatred, she'll come back. Let us continue through this forest." The other 3 nod and they start walking in a random direction. After a couple hours of walking they stop to rest. "Does this place EVER end?" asks Lin. Roq laughs and says, "There's gotta be something somewhere here." Sage speaks, "Yes, I have to get out of here. Without my magic, I'm useless. At least Lin is still good with her sword, and doesn't totally rely on spells." Velius steps in, "Yeah, but don't worry about it....I have a feeling that we'll find some type of civilization up ahead. With that, the crew continues walking until they come across a thick wall of bushes. Velius cuts a path with Thranloom, and they peek through to find a lone cottage, out in the middle of nowhere. Lin says, "Cute little place, a nice flower garden too. Must be a girl's place." The 4 steps through, and suddenly energy surrounds Sage and Lin. Sage says, "My magic...has somehow returned in this small area! But I sense something...wait...SOMEONE evil, and incredibly powerful within that cottage!" Lin nods, and right then, the door suddenly and swiftly opens and....

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Out swarms millions of little bunny rabbits. Steeping through after them is a beautiful woman, long black hair, and blood-red shinnning eyes. She looks pleased to see the worn warriors. Velius happily walks up to her and holds out his hand. "Hi. I am Velius. These are my friends... Lin, Sage, and the elf Roq." Roq waves his hand. "So I'm an elf..." he says under his breath. The woman accepts Velius' outstretched hand and shakes it. She replies with, "Good to meet you all. I suppose you are lost? If so, please be my guests for a short while." she begins to walk back into her house, Velius in tow, as she says, "I haven't had visitors in such a long time." *** Scene Changes to Hatred's Castle *** "Hahahaha! She has them! I cannot believe my luck! They walked right into her hands too. Of all the things. Mistress Ayoshaa is definetly my best minion so far. Isn't that right?" Hatred looks over to the wall he had previously shackled Beao to and smiles at the man hanging there. It is an aged man, bedecked in royal robes and topped off with a jeweled crown. "King Sendar? Your daughter might not make it through this one, pal. If she does I will be happy to show you to them. Hahaha... Hahahahahahahaha!"

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Sage says to the woman, "I sensed something evil here, but my magic seems to be out of whack. I apologize. What's your name?" Ayoshaa does an innocent smile and says, "I'm Ayoshaa. Welcome to my home!" Lin leans over to Velius and whispers, "Strange, she's awful nice. She must have gone crazy living out here for so long." Velius smiles and leans back in his chair. Ayoshaa looks at Lin and says, "Ooh! Your's so cool! Can you show me how to do it? Pretty please?!" A sweatdrop rolls down Lin's head and she nods. Ayoshaa motions Lin to another room. Sage, Roq, and Velius start taking a nap. Inside Ayoshaa's room, Lin sees a big mirror with a dresser. She starts looking through it for a brush. "Hmmm...I wonder if you have the right one?" says Lin to Ayoshaa. Ayoshaa does an innocent laugh again. Lin sits down in front of the large mirror on a small wooden chair, with Ayoshaa standing behind her. Lin is smiling and combing her hair now. She looks up in the mirror's reflection of Ayoshaa to see her smiling. Lin is distracted now, and Ayoshaa's third eye opens wide. Lin glances up at the mirror to see the sight! She gasps and attempts to dash away, but her eyes had already made contact, and Lin is paralyzed! Lin manages to speak in a low voice, "Wh...who are you?...Wh...what do you....want?" Ayoshaa smiles and Lin's chair brutally does a 180 degreee turn, to face Ayoshaa. Ayoshaa puts her hand underneath Lin's chin and stares into her eyes and speaks in a soft voice, "I suppose I'll kill all of your friends while they sleep!" Ayoshaa, sensing another prescence flips around to see Sage standing in her room! "I don't think so, woman!" he says while raising his arms for a powerful spell! But in mid chant, everything goes mute! Sage tries to shout, but nothing is heard! Ayoshaa motions her arms forward, and a force bubble slams Sage into the wall! He uses his strength to get up and try to pry open the door to warn Velius and Roq, but it is sealed tight. Sage lunges at Ayoshaa, but he merely floats in the air, stopped! He suddenly levitates upwards and his head hits the ceiling, rendering him out. Ayoshaa looks at Lin and strokes her hair, "Now my slave, put your blade through his face." Lin stands up slowly and pulls out her sword, it flares up with a small aura of fire around it. She picks up Sage by his collar and pulls her sword back, ready to strike! Right then, Velius and Roq burst through the door and tackle Lin! They stand up and lunge at Ayoshaa, but are held in place via a crushing force wave! Ayoshaa's 3rd eye flashes, and 3 exploding force bubbles slam into all of the party, excluding Lin, who is under Ayoshaa's control! Later, they all wake up chained to a wall in a dark place, Hatred's very own lair!

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Hatred walks up to the three heros hanging on the wall. There is Lin, Roq, and Sage. All perfectly fine, although shackled. Sage instantly yells, "Where is Velius!?" Hatred smiles and says, "Ah. I have him right here." The large demon waves his hand forward. On cue, another demon looking very much like hatred, comes into view from the darkness. "You see, the forces of good will never win against me." Roq begins to try to get loose, getting nowhere. "Sage! Take in the anger! Hurry and change! Try and go for a higher level too!" Both Sage and Roq begin to use their emotions to evoke higher powers. Roq changes first and upon doing so, bends the metal bars holding him to the wall. "Ha! I am in Grava-Chrome form! Level 5!" Sage, as well as the demons, give him odd looks. Sage changes next, and is quickly whipped from the bindings. "Hurricane of Heart! Level 4!" yells Sage. Hatred laughs out loud, and Lin begins to yell out unintelligent curses. Hatred whips his hand out at Sage, and sends the aged mage flying into the wall behind him. Roq sees his opening and screams, "Gravita Gun!" A large energy beam of gravity power grows inside of Roq's hands, and he rel;eases the shot. Smacking into Hatred's face, the Gravity powered blast sends the devil sailing through the sky. Velius, who is now possessed by Hellion's spirit, lunges for Roq. He grabs him around the throat and lifts him high. Suddenly a dark blade passes through Hellion's chest. It cleaves a wound and quickly heals, but Roq manages to escape. Roq turns to see his savior, Temjin. Helping Lin down is Spectre. Helping Sage up is Beao. Spectre gives Lin a large white shinning sword and whispers something in her ear. Roq jumps back as Velius attacks. Temjin does the same. Stomping up from the darkness is Hatred. He begins to charge at Roq. Roq searches for something to get behind. Finding nothing he yells, "Ground Zero!" millions of tiny meteors materialize and slam into the rushing demon. Through a dust cloud Roq sees Hatred still coming. He jumps. Temjin shouts something, but Roq can not hear him. Suddenly Hatred is above Roq and swings an overhead slam down onto Roq's head. Falling the elf is caught by Temjin and he jumps back. Beao and Sage run toward Hatred. Hatred clutches both of their heads and begins to squeeze. Hellion stands back and laughs heartily. Spectre, Temjin, and Roq walk slowly toward the current scrap with Lin behind them. Sage begins to scream. Roq jumps right, Temjin left, and Spectre up into the air, as a swift stab is made by Lin. Her blade sings through the air between the two mages, and pierces Hatred right in the chest. He suddenly stops his taunting laughter. Sage and Beao pry his fingers off their skulls and tumble back. Hellion looks to his master with curiosity. Demonic skin burns away and reveals a nice looking Kamain. He has the Kisakko in his right hand. Spectre dives in from the aky and slashes Kamain with the Sword Of Nightmares. Spectre's blade whirls through his chest and through Kisakko. The Kisakko shatters, as does the Angel Love inside of Kamain. Hellion jumps back into a defensive posture. Kamain soon regains his composure and looksa round the room, then he jumps back and joins his comrades. "Good to have you back." says Sage. Lin asks, "Didja have a good time?" Roq laughs and says, "Hey, we gotta save Velius too!" Kamain says, "I can't believe I let the demon control me like that. Give me a weapon!" Roq jumps torward Kamain and says, "You won't need one. Listen carefully." Roq begins to explain the process of changing into a greater power, one chosen by the angels' ghosts. Just then Hellion begins to charge. Lin with the Sword of Dreams, Sage and Beao with spells in mind, Temjin with his fearsome blade, and Spectre with the Sword of Nightmares- they all rush toward Possessed Velius to intercept. Swords clash and bang as Roq explains. "I understand now. But... Are you sure I am a choson one?" Roq shakes his head and replies, "I have no idea, but you are our lost hope. Oh no! Look out!" Roq ducks as Lin's body flies overhead. "Is she ok!?" yells Kamain. Roq says, "I will help her. Go fight!" Kamain turns gingerly and walks toward Hellion. All of the other warriors lay at his feet, either dead or unconscious. "Oh damn it! Kamain! She is fading fast!" Kamain is struck with pain and begins to tremble. Hellion taunts, "C'mon back to me, brother. We can finish Roq off together- see'n as how all these others were killed. C'mon." Kamain shouts, "You aren't my brother, Demon!" The grief in his heart is too much, and he explodes in a furious red light. When the light disperses, Kamain stands, changed. His skin looks like that of a pool of lava, bursting with red hot liquid and constantly shifting. He retains his humanoid shape though. "I am... the Liberation Flame. Level 10." Just then, Thragnar and Jewel shift into view, next to Lin and Roq. Hellion laughs and says, "Great! I get to kill them too! Kamain, I think you sh-" Temjin is suddenly up and screams, "Restless Murderer! Lvl 200!" Kamain quickly glances over and sees that Temjin is emenating black power and has blood dripping out of every pore. "Hahahaha!" taunts Hellion. He swings at Temjin but the new and improved Temjin teleports in behind the demon. "Kamain, now!" Kamain nods and yells, "Mighty Roar!" He waves his hands at Temjin, who begins to glow with red power also. Temjin instantly hollars, "No Escape! He holds his sword out in front of him and suddenly disapears. He reapeas behind the demon again. A second later, gore sprays out all ove Temjin's back, coating him with even more crimson fluid. Falling to his knees, Velius' demonic shell shatters. He slumps to the ground face first. Kamain rushes over to his brother, changing back into his regular form as he does so. Temjin still sits crouched, unmoving, bloody. Velius is still alive. Kamain smiles. Kamain smiles even more when Roq shouts, "Good job Kamain! You did it! ...Oh, and about Lin, I lied." Roq laughs. Jewel rushes to her father's side. Upon seeing his daughter he grins. "Jewel. I love you so much, and am so glad I could bring you back. Do not be alarmed though. I do not think I'm going to make it out of this one." Lin slowly gets up and walks toward Spectre and Beao's bodies. As she does, Spectre and Beao both get up and glance around the room. "It was fun." says Beao before he disapears. Spectre nods to Kamain and says, "Perhaps we can have a good duel sometime. I'll be hanging out near McHeart's place." Then he disapears too. Velius gets up with his brother's help. Suddenly he gasps abd stares into the dark corner of the room. Mistress Ayoshaa and an army of skeleton blood warriors emerge! She claps, and says, "Very nice. Now I will turn your victory into a defeat." Kamain, Velius, Thragnar, and Roq brace for combat as Lin and Jewel help Sage away from danger. Ayoshaa approaches and Velius shouts, "I knew there was something wrong about your little cottage!" The mistress shrugs and replies, "Whatever. It won't matter in a moment- for you all will be dead." A familair, yet unexpected voice enters the conversation. "Ayoshaa- You die here." All eyes rest on the bloody, stopped figure of Temjin. "The Mysterious Swordsman I was once known as has changed my Restless Murderer form. It made it less violent, and more caring." Temjin stands up and spins to face Ayoshaa, pointing his sword at her. "I care for you not! Hyper-Massacre!" Temjin swings his sword back very slowly, then disapears. In an instant, Ayoshaa and her army is lying on the floor in millions of pieces. Temjin reappears near Hatre'ds throne. He walks up onto it and stonds in it, planting his sword firmly thorugh his chest. With his last (?) words he says, "Take care, my friends." Then he is suddenly petrified. Kamain, Velius, Lin, Thragnar, Roq, and Jewel gather into a circle near the throne. Jewel says, "My loving father has passed onto a better place." All heads lower in memory of the powerful mage. "We need to get out of here." announces Velius, cluthing his rib cage. "Where are we all going to go?" asks Kamain. Roq answers, "Well, I 'spose we go our seperate ways, eh? That is unless you got more demons you need me to take care of? Hahaha." They all laugh. Jewel says, "I can teleport you anywhere I have been. Thge angels taught me a few new spells. So where to?" Kamain says, "I must take my brother home, to Tavarnia." Lin hugs Kamain and spits out, "I wanna go with them!" Jewel nods and they all give each other a last farewell. The three disappear. "Now you two." she says. Roq says, "I will be going back to Freyart. Gotta run my business." Thragnar looks to the floor. "Hey, Thragnar, I heard you were pretty strong. I could use a hand, how bout' it?" Thragnar grunts and a small smile forms on his horned head. "Ok. Buh-bye you two!" she teleports the two warriors away. Jewel is left standing alone. She turns around to look at her father. His voice rumbeles in, "Are they gone?" Jewel laughs as she runs over to her dad. "Yes, they are all gone. Why do you always have to make a big scene?" Sage gets up and smiles at his daughter. "Well, I was thinking. If they think I am dead, they won't bother trying to contact me. That will give us a lot more time to spend together." Father smiles at his daughter, and they both disapear from the dark room. All that is left is blood, gore, and a Stone figure of Temjin, once called 'The Mysterious Swordsman'. And 'fore that 'The Restless Murderer'. The huge grin on his face is captured perhaps forever in the stone. And so, the Infinite War Within has been calmed.

         5/2/2001 - 11:29 PM