by Jesse Fisher

Began: 9/25/97



This world is vast. There are two main continents on this planet. Between these continents is a vast ocean. This planet is about twice the size as Earth. By some force, one of the continents was frozen in time, kept from evolving, while the other continent was able to thrive. The western continent was frozen in time for 500 years, during the medieval era. This is a story of the two civilizations.... discovering...



Chapter 1




It was a cool, moist evening. In the early morning it had rained. By the end of the day most of the puddles had evaporated. Inside Castle Karna’s throne room sat the King. The King was in his fifties, and had a slight thickness to his wide partially white beard.

On one knee near the king was a young knight. The knight was a little above average height (about 6'). He had sort brown hair with blue eyes. He was in his early 20's. He was the captain of the knights. He rose in command quickly because of his natural born skills of fighting and leadership.

The throne room was lit by candlelight even though a little light still shone through the windows. A red carpet with frilled yellow edges stretched from the doorway to the throne.

"Tomorrow you must go to the village and kill anyone you suspect of being behind the rise of monsters," commanded the king.

The knight was puzzled. He asked, "But why your Majesty?"


"Why? Why must we put our people through this? As your head knight and as your friend, please tell me why!"

The distressed king thought for a brief moment before he came to say, "Don’t you have a job to do tomorrow?"

Still puzzled, he answered, "Yes your Majesty." He left the room. As he left he thought to himself. Why is his Majesty so scared? Doesn’t he believe that the people are not against him? Something doesn't seem right.

When he left the castle and entered the village, there was a shout a distance away, "Michael! Wait up!"

Michael turned around, "Christina! Why are you out of bed? You are sick."

Christina was beautiful at age 20. She was almost as tall as Michael was. She had green eyes and long brown hair with the back part of her hair in a long braid. She secretly had feelings for Michael but at the time she enjoyed just being friends.

"I was worried about you. How are you?" She then looked at him and she knew it was bad, "What’s wrong?"

Michael sighed, "You know how there’s a rise in monsters around the kingdom? His Majesty believes the people did this so they could rebel against him. I tried to tell him that the people like him, but he is paranoid…at least that is what it seems. My orders are to kill anyone of suspicion of summoning the monsters."

"Oh my!" Christina gasped, "What’s with him lately? The king I know wouldn’t do, or even think of doing this. What are you going to do?"

Michael looked down, "I don’t know. I...cannot go against the king; he is not only the king, but also my friend. I guess for now I’ll talk to the people and I’ll see what happens."

Christina rushed close to him, "Can I go with you?"

"But you are sick! Your aunt wouldn’t like that."

"I’m fine! I...I..." Christina fainted into Michael’s arms.

"…You are tired. I will take you back to your aunt’s house."

As Michael was carrying Christina to her Aunt’s house, he talked to her softly, "I will find out what is going on. I promise you, I will not do anything drastic. If the king is wrong...I will figure out what do then."

Christina’s house was the first house he came to when he left the castle. The castle itself was in the middle and the village Karna was around it. A wall surrounded the village with four doorways to the outside world, each at a corner. Christina’s house was small but sturdy. Light shone through the windows of the house. Michael went up and rapped upon the wooden door.

"Who is it?" asked a voice.

"Michael. I have Christina with me."

"Come in, come in!"

Michael stepped in and said, "She was tired. I told her that she was sick, but she wanted to see me. When I told her that she could not go with me around the village she fainted from her sickness. How are you madam?"

"Oh, I’m fine. How about you?" she said.

Christina's aunt was well for her old age, mid 50's. She was about a foot shorter than Christina was. She had mostly gray hair tied in a bun in the back of her head. Christina's mother was her younger sister. After Christina's parents mysterious disappearance when Christina was 5, she had taken care of Christina since.

"Alright. I’ll take her to her bedroom."

Michael went upstairs to Christina’s bedroom. This family wasn’t rich, but they weren't terribly poor either. In her bedroom were a basic bed, a dresser, and a lamp. He gently lowered Christina into her bed. He knelt down and said, "What ever happens, I will protect you, I promise you that…good night."

When Michael had came downstairs Christina’s aunt said, "So what have you been up to lately? How’s his Majesty doing? But recently I've felt a difference about him."

"Do you want to know what he wants me to do?"

"Umm. Sure," she said with a little tremble in her voice.

"Because of the rise of monsters his Majesty believes that the villagers caused it. He is sending me to investigate the villagers and kill anyone of suspicion."

"Oh! What are you going to do?" asked the terrified aunt.

"Well, on one hand I should obey him, but on the other I believe this is ridiculous. Tomorrow I will go into town and talk to the villagers. I am not sure what I will do then," said Michael.

She replied, "Well...all I can suggest to you is do what you think is right. Don’t make any rash decisions, and I beg you especially since she is sick, please leave Christina out of this."

"Yes madam. I give you my word. If worse comes to worse, I will protect you and Christina. Good night madam."

"Good night. And be careful!"

"Thank you, I will. Goodbye."

Michael left the little house. Michael’s house was on the opposite side of the castle. It had become dark since he went to Christina’s house. It was a clear night. He pondered to himself. What will I do? Do I obey his Majesty or do I not? If the King is wrong, then what do I do? I will sleep and think.

He reached his house, "Ah! I am tired," said Michael softly to himself.

A few minutes later he went to sleep.